Hats stories

The S.A.I.P.P.H. (Support Service for the Professional integration of people with disabilities) is a medico-social unit that assists people with psychological disorders in their relationship to work. Indeed, before they can start applying for jobs, they need guidance to dive into their own representations of themselves. This work highlights the importance of social identities – what we call « hats » – which can either alienate or support workers getting back on track.

Grief, work without a goal or the freaky expression “work of grief” (Lagache)


The translation of Trauerbeit by “​work of grief”, quite popular today both in psychoanalytical discourse and community and in common usage, has never been controversial. And yet, linking “work” to “grief” definitely has effects on clinical practice: what results could be expected from an experience Freud himself deemed inconsolable? Historicizing the way “death was made savage”, as Philippe Ariès wrote, may help understand how grief has become an “intimate undertaking”, a private business.