Sexuality, Breuer, it’s all about sexuality… » What else ?


Taking the widely studied cleavage between the Breuerian issue of trauma and its Freudian restriction to sexuality as a start, this study aims to question the Freudian formalization. Thus Freud puts from the outset in series the “Freudian sexuality” as a postulate of an universal function for every subject, and its modelizations : its psychic representations as well as the constructions of the partner that result from. This study concludes by developing a hypostatic logic of both father and partner elaborated as complex models.

Gender, sexuality, universality: traumatic assignments ?


In Morocco, gender and sexual norms have strict guardians, potentially in the person of every citizen. There are diverse situations which entail multiple reactions depending on the class and race relations that permeate Moroccan society. However, the violation of gender norms usually brings about cruel physical, social, legal and media repression.

Yet can we talk about trauma here? Is it legitimate to say, at any time and in any place, that gender or sexuality are traumatic assignments?

How can this notion be used in its psychoanalytical specificity (and not in a psychiatric or media sense) and what implications does this use have in revealing the ethnocentric limits that a universalist psychoanalysis may experience, but also in defining what the author calls “minor psychoanalysis”?

The author proposes to quickly review the archaeology and genealogy of this notion, to see how, when used in a particular way, it may perpetuate subalternizations.