Temporality of care in the day hospital Addictology and psychiatry: from product to care through pre-admission

During addiction’s consommation, time would be supended for the addictive person. Care at the day’s hospital Addictions et Psychiatry of Elan Retrouvé Foundation could help at a restarting for the patient. Thanks to a « pré-admission » time with therapeutics groups (speaking and collage) and regular interviews, the person could find back a people statut and find back the societal time.

destiny of addictions

Summary :

Starting from the way psychoanalytical theory has death instinct and its non-pathologiocal evolution, the article examines the evolution af addictions, espacially how these can be sublimated into an identity solution. Clinical examples illustrate this. Reversely, starting from the clinic and the protocol of psychotherapy for drugs addicts as was elaborated in the 90’s, the author shows that the main theorical principles for treating such patients – ever before addictology existed as much – are still valid, as regard the notions of temporality, sdis-sonance or approximation.