From “usefull” to “useless”: retirement of women


Retirement is a subject rarely discussed in the psychoanalytic literature. However, it is particularly interesting to understand working and its impact on mental health. Based on a thesis and with support of 28 research interviews conducted with retired women aged 60 to 67,  this article focuses on the transition to retirement and the psychic operations mobilized in this regard.

destiny of addictions

Summary :

Starting from the way psychoanalytical theory has death instinct and its non-pathologiocal evolution, the article examines the evolution af addictions, espacially how these can be sublimated into an identity solution. Clinical examples illustrate this. Reversely, starting from the clinic and the protocol of psychotherapy for drugs addicts as was elaborated in the 90’s, the author shows that the main theorical principles for treating such patients – ever before addictology existed as much – are still valid, as regard the notions of temporality, sdis-sonance or approximation.