Value of trauma clinics in the encounter with cancer – suffering patients



In this text, I have wished to convey how a psychodynamic approach with patients facing cancer-illness, is likely to meet the needs of a great number of cases. By psychodynamic, I mean the transferential approach of trauma, such as was decisively investigated by Ferenczi, D. W. Winnicott, etc….

The specificity of this therapeutic approach, as well when meeting the patient, as throughout the treatment, enables the actual trauma of illness, beside its destructive consequences, to contribute a life – and hope – enhancing experience. Providing the clinician’s listening is based on the working-through of his / her own trauma, it may furthermore bring into reach those traumata of early bonds – such as are transgenerationally or historically induced – allowing the therapist to adjust to (tune into) the urge (call) for being and growth of an unclaimed-for child, and be willing to join in, at the borders between life and death, for a journey through – and out of – breakdown.

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Abstract. How can collective forms of work avoid the pitfalls of the dogmatic reproduction of knowledge ? Knowledge of the unconscious cannot be transmitted. What some individuals may perceive of the effect of their encounter with the experience of the unconscious allows them to assert its existence in their professional practice. What is most important is that the stance taken does not follow from the effect of any predetermined model, but rest rather on the experience of this encounter and the work shared with others in dealing with the contemporary discontents.