Institutional pedagogy. To transmit: the necessity of the fate

Abstract. Institutional pedagogy was built in proximity with institutional psychotherapy. It developed at the school, like an active pedagogy, but also in social services, in social work, and formation. Fernand Oury is the major figure, but much of others – and many groups of practical experts – played and play a significant role in its diffusion and its “transmission”. The transmission is always an equation with several unknown factors. It did not fail to be posed throughout the history of this movement. But one can retain three things of this history: – The founders are never lonely agents of their foundations, nor of their transmissions, – a specific transfer, burst, is with work in and between the historical groups, – It is by the books, testimonies, the existence of places of the practices, the internships of transmission of the practices, that the transmission is played by chance. No one does not know which “will be authorized”.