Traumatic love at the first sight and indifferentiation : Freud’s adolescence and his afterwards

The S. Freud’s adolescence is lacking in the biographys consacred to the creator of the psychoanalysis. We explore the traumatic caracter of the meet between a young adolescent and him, as his ambivalent friendships source of traumatic breaking links. We conclude with the hypothesis, when the link is invested on a passionate mode, dealing with a fusion desire followed by persecutive feelings and a the return of a being himself need.

Sexuality, Breuer, it’s all about sexuality… » What else ?


Taking the widely studied cleavage between the Breuerian issue of trauma and its Freudian restriction to sexuality as a start, this study aims to question the Freudian formalization. Thus Freud puts from the outset in series the “Freudian sexuality” as a postulate of an universal function for every subject, and its modelizations : its psychic representations as well as the constructions of the partner that result from. This study concludes by developing a hypostatic logic of both father and partner elaborated as complex models.

Game: “behavioral addiction? What drugs? Without object?


Since the 19th century some psychoanalysts post freudian consider the game ((gambling) as an addiction, notably Otto Fenichel, who relies on Thérèse Benedek, who takes up the idea of Edward Glover. The play (game) studied by Winnicott is something else but Freud interest in it also concerns the development of the child to adult, so the development of the psychic apparatus. We study here how the game concerns the psychics’ obect, returned so to the notion of object all its problematic, that is to say its linguistic materiality.