From money to inestimable, what do therapeutic clubs deal with ?


After detailing the emergence of the “Therapeutic Club” in Saint Alban’s Hospital, this article strives to follow the concrete economic channels in works that describe how such clubs are managed — tools that are known to generate an inestimable disalienation work. From a clinical point of view, the place of exchanges supported by the various social and ergotherapies they organize are pointed out, as well as the benefit of freedom of movement between articulated spaces, as close as possible to the daily field. The currency concept introduces a triangulation of these exchanges (constituent of what authors call institution), and money circulation and manipulation thereby provoke exchanges of speech. Close to a self-managed cooperative model, these clubs are governed by the 1901 French law that regulates associations. This access to an autonomous legal personality encourages the development of “active therapies”. Can the “money thread” — the guide of this description — be useful to the evaluation of other inestimable works?

The work of “entours”, an everyday life’s clinic in institutional care


Work daily life in institution is subtle and delicate. The author, recolling a clinical situation and moments of  daily life in a day hospital, tries to illustrate this work of the atmosphere, the “entours” of which Jean Oury speaks.
These little unexpected moments that disturb and surprise us, make us perceive the complexity, the difficulty but also the wealth of what the patients deposit in the interstices of the establishment.

For this the Therapeutic Club, operator of change is a valuable tool. A stimulating opposing-power to the hierarchical functioning of the institution, its movement helps to strive routine and inertia.

The collective in itself

Abstract. Institutional therapy includes a vast and heterogeneous set of practices, ideas, thoughts, writings which are particularly inspiring at this moment in time. This article illustrates thoughts about institutional work in an out-patient hospital receiving adolescents and young adults with symptoms from autistic spectrum.

From one group to another : psychic capacities of a team and its slags in intitutional care

Abstract :


This exposé aims at suggesting a few arguments in favour of the therapeutic dimension of institutions and situating the part teamwork plays in such a dimension .Thinking collectively supports two types of distinct process . The former is about transforming the suffering that impacts the prevailing way of working of professionals . The latter comes close to the team script-writing about and dramatizing the very mental moves of the persons in care . A short clinical vignette throws light on the failure of such processes in case of institutional crisis.