Traumatic love at the first sight and indifferentiation : Freud’s adolescence and his afterwards

The S. Freud’s adolescence is lacking in the biographys consacred to the creator of the psychoanalysis. We explore the traumatic caracter of the meet between a young adolescent and him, as his ambivalent friendships source of traumatic breaking links. We conclude with the hypothesis, when the link is invested on a passionate mode, dealing with a fusion desire followed by persecutive feelings and a the return of a being himself need.

Anorexia nervosa in the projective clinic test: pathology of narcissism or border line?

Abstract: This communication tries to show the interest of projective methods for anorexia nervosa in adolescence. Beyond the diagnostic, feminine sexuality in adolescence, depressive position and temporality are discussed. These propositions are illustrated with a clinical case: Colombe, anorectic 16 years old young girl.

Institutional dynamics and groupal process : screenwriting and story-telling

Abstract: The author offers an afterthought on the meeting points between institutional therapy and therapeutic mediations. What are the common inspirations that lead these two points of view to defend a certain idea of caregiving institutions? What are the acquaintances and resemblance between these two ways for institutional caregiving? From the example of an institutional workshop as it is set up within the adolescent inpatient unit of the Villa des Pages Clinic, the author tries to articulate these two approaches of institutional psychological care.

Teenagers in border line

Abstract. The notion of border line state is encountered with the teen agers and the youg adults. Il is not a kind of melting pot, but un instable state of the subject, with specifics failures of the symbolic field, mixed with particularity of the narcissism, a particular disposition to depression, and a great appetence to acting out, and absorption of drugs.

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