Christophe, volunteer in la Trame



This article focuses on la Trame, an association which help people with mental disorder, their relatives and the professionals in the north-west of Seine-Saint-Denis. It was conceived as a conversation between Christophe Lescot (member of the GEM (Groupe d’Entraide Mutuelle, Group of Mutual Assistance) of Saint-Denis and volunteer in la Trame) and one of the workers of la Trame after a moment of presentation of the GEMs and la Trame during the meeting of the psychiatric staff of a Parisian psychiatric hospital in March 2019. The article looks back at the birth of la Trame, its daily activities and actions through the eyes and trajectory of one of its volunteers. Moreover, it tries to describe some network practices applied at work in this area and which try to be part of a logic of mutual aid and solidarity while supporting some policy of reception.