What the patients pass on to us

Abstract: Our purpose will be an attempt to put into perspective the elements of a logic of transmission so that the transmission itself, as logical position in relation to knowledge or even more to non – knowledge. From a first point is the encounter with a patient, will be unfolded and articulated the question of otherness, that of instituting separation, position relative to a point of no knowledge. The knowledge is not there to hear their differences with misleading knowledge, as knowledge on the side of learned ignorance. Through clinical notes will be discussed accepting to be moved and transformed by a  patient, the ability to ex- position in relation to the institution but to get out of the fascination generated by the statements of some patients. This sometimes  invisible transmission from patients may question our know how of psychoanalyst but also our clinical know how of practitioner in institution and our responsibility.

Feminine alcoholism and the question of limits

Abstract. After a critical approach on definition and semantic field of the term feminine alcoholism, the standard thinking and characteristics regarding alcoholism among women will be discussed. Taking care of women with alcoholism in the field of psychiatry, among institutions, may hit to some clinical, ethical, or therapeutic limits. How psychoanalysis can help us thinking in a better way, rather than just better help cure? The body issue in psychoanalysis, the concept of ‘jouissance’ from Jacques Lacan (not the same as ‘enjoyment’), and especially feminine ‘jouissance’, allow us to address the subject of severity in feminine alcoholism from an alternative standpoint.

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