About the need to make intitution for teenagers

Abstract :

The institutional psychotherapy is a necessity in all the psychic care institutions, but it is more a necessity when the institution recieve teenagers. Subjets in construction, the adolescents are build with narcissistics and struturals fragilities, which are to analyse with all the care team, how the transference motions are projections upon the differents subjets of the institutions. These tranferences must be analysed by all the members of the therapic group.

The clinical facts are lightning this necessity, ans try to remake the creative moment of the fondators, by making it in work process for each adolescent subject.

Teenagers in border line

Abstract. The notion of border line state is encountered with the teen agers and the youg adults. Il is not a kind of melting pot, but un instable state of the subject, with specifics failures of the symbolic field, mixed with particularity of the narcissism, a particular disposition to depression, and a great appetence to acting out, and absorption of drugs.

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