institutional psychotherapy, a permanent creation

Abstract. This text reflects a long-term practice with psychotic patients and the establishment with them of a system in the city of Reims.
Structure mainly based on the ambulatory by Antonin Artaud Unit, but also hold by 5 therapeutic clubs present in various places of the service.
From a transmission / reinvention where patients but also seniors as Roger Gentis and Jean Oury played a crucial role , the essential concepts of institutional psychotherapy are being revisited and acted in a permanent recreation.
The heterogeneous as a founding principle, but also “the club function” contribute to the setting in motion of the Collective, and help the reconstruction for each of a livable and desirable world.
This also assumes a working gathering conscious of psychic continuity, essential to fight against fragmentation and cleavage.
Putting on an equal footing patients and caregivers will thus allow a instituting praxis, and the creation of an patient association named Humapsy.
Keywords: therapeutic club, club function, “phoric” function, Collective, permanent recreation, heterogeneous, institutional psychotherapy.